Etiquette When using Escort Service in Delhi

Etiquette When using Escort Service in Delhi

There are some points that should be considered when you are going to meet an escort on a date. Escort girl is also a human being and if she is a high profile girl then you should use etiquette

Prepare yourself for the date

After booking, you should get prepare yourself for the date. Think you are going on a date with your girlfriend. Take a bath, dress up well, use a perfume of good fragrance , cut your nails etc.

Donation First

Pay her donation or fee in the very first minute of her arrival. That is the best impression that you can make on your escort without saying or doing anything. keep her fee in an envelope and hand it over to her when she arrive in your room.

Make her comfortable

For a good date you should use some tactics that make your escort comfortable. You can say some jokes, listen her carefully, don’t ask anything personal and anything else that make feel her safe with you.

Respect your Escort

Respect is the biggest player in this game. If you give respect, you’ll receive the same in return . Maybe you are a rich guy or a businessmen but don’t forget that you are a human being and she is also a human. If you’ll show respect the girl, she’ll also respect you and that can also make you her favorite client.

Don’t claim her

You booked an escort for says one hour. But it doesn’t mean you own her. You just own her time so never claim her. never force her to do anything she is not interesting in. In escort service, the fee you paid is only for the time that our escort spend with you. Any sexual act happen between you is depend the mutual understanding between you and escort. So if you want her to do anything that she is not interested in, don’t force her.

Tell her about your Expectations

If you want something unique or if you have some special requirements in escort service, tell her in advance. Tell her about your desires so that she perform accordingly. You may have fantasy that you want to make real, you can share with your escort frankly. You should do it before booking her to avoid any last minute surprise.

Be a Gentlemen

Girls like gentlemen. You should also behave like a gentlemen when going on a date with an independent escort in Delhi. here are some points to consider:

  • Don’t get late, be punctual
  • Don’t get drunk
  • keep your hygiene clean
  • Show her respect
  • Ladies first

So these are some etiquette that you should follow when meeting an escort in Delhi. You can win her heart and become her favorite client.